Artist Dave Ewart's Biography
Nationally acclaimed, award winning artist, instructor and inventor

Dave Ewart

Dave was born in Seattle on February 8, 1939 and knew from a very early age that art and painting would be his lifetime devotion. He has been trained in some of the most prestigious art learning centers on the West Coast and has taught art for over 30 years all throughout the Western United States. A good many of his over 5,000 students are re-nowned artists in their own right. His originals and limited edition prints have been hung in many fine-art galleries and have been sold to collectors all over the U. S and Canada. Dave has also invented two art-related products. He was even commissioned to do a portrait of Bob Hope, by his wife Delores and the painting was presented to Bob at a Congressional Medal of Honor Banquet at Corvalis, OR.

Throughout most of his adult life, Dave painted with oils. Due to a life-threatening medical condition resulting from exposures to oils and thinners, he had to stop using them. He now uses watercolors exclusively. Anyone who is familiar with Dave’s work knows that his master of watercolors is fully equal to his skills in oil.

Most artists are limited to their subject matter. Dave can paint anything and does. From Western and Americana Art, to fantasy, to cars, trucks and planes, to people, to landscapes or any other subject, Dave is totally at home with brush and canvas.

Dave is a realist painter. Although he is capable of almost photographic reproduction, his paintings are not designed this way. Dave’s unique application of varying values, colors and light, purposely draws the viewer to the subject of the painting. In other words, he manipulates the background to make you see what he wants you to see. Dave is truly an artist in control of his medium.

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